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Law School… Need to Know!

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Four Students in a Classroom Taking Notes

About the course

The first semester of law school is often described as "drinking from a firehose." You are learning a new vocabulary; a new way of reading, writing, and thinking; and a new way of taking exams. Law School: What You Really Need to Know! is here to help you navigate that stressful first semester. Comprised of short, asynchronous modules as well as live webinars, the program will teach you how to use your time efficiently and navigate the differences between law school and undergrad. Our expert faculty will discuss best study strategies and tips for everything from case briefing and outlining to how to use practice exams and learn from those practice exams.


  • W1
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    Recorded Webinar: Welcome to Law School - What You Really Need to Know

    Law school is about to begin, so knowing what's coming and how to manage your time is more important than ever!

    Susannah and Melissa will take you through what's to come in "Law School: What You Really Need to Know" and talk about what to expect in your first semester of law school, as well as planning when to do what.
  • M1
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    The Judicial System and Sources of Law

    What is the difference between a trial court and an appellate court? How do state and federal courts interact? Where does law come from and what is the difference between a case and a statute?

    Professor Ashley London takes you through the various sources of law, as well as an introduction to the judicial system and why that's important.
  • M2
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    Belonging in Law School

    Many law students-especially first-generation law students-are uncertain whether they truly "belong" in law school. It's important to realize you are not alone in feeling this way, and that these feelings can be overcome with connection and community. We will hear from three faculty members about why students sometimes feel they don't belong and techniques for addressing those feelings.
  • W2
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    Recorded Webinar: Belonging in Law School

    Join Kirk, Russel and Emily and their students for a Q&A on belonging in law school
  • M3
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    Advanced Case Briefing

    By now you might have already learned a bit about reading and briefing cases, but in this module Professor Kiyana Kiel will take you deeper into how to read cases, and how to brief them. This will help you prepare better for class and, eventually prepare you better for your final exam.
  • M4
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    Becoming an Expert Learner

    How do you know if you are making progress? How do you know if you are really learning the material, especially when there is only one exam? How do you know what learning methods work best for you?
    Professor Nicole Lefton discusses the processes used to plan, monitor, and assess one's understanding and performance. To become an expert learner, you need to learn to think about how you think, and think about how you learn. Professor Lefton will help you with that.
  • M5
    Not completed

    Advanced Note Taking

    Do you know what note taking methods work best for you? Are you confident you know what to write down from class lectures?

    Let Professor Laura Mott help you perfect your law school note taking, as she gives you tips and tricks and helps you decide what is important.
  • W3
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    Recorded Webinar: How to Take Notes Like a Pro

    Join Professor Laura Mott and students for a Q&A on how to take the best notes for your exam!
  • M6
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    Outlining: Putting it All Together

    Do you know why you are reading cases? Do you know what to do with your class notes after class? Do you know how all of this relates to studying for your exams?

    Professor Toni Miceli will teach you how to consolidate your class notes and start synthesizing your materials, or "outline." This is a key element in the study process, and will help you start to prepare for exams
  • M7
    Not completed

    Practicing to Learn: Using Multiple-Choice

    Do you know how to tackle a legal multiple-choice question? Sure, you have likely had many opportunities in the past to take multiple choice style exams, but they can be a bit different in law school.

    Susannah will take you through why legal multiple-choice questions are different, as well as the best ways to practice and learn from those practice questions, since after all, practice makes progress!
  • M8
    Not completed

    Exam Preparation

    Law School exams may be a bit different from what you are used to. Melissa will guide you through how to best prepare for exams, from how and when to practice, to how to prepare on the day of the exam in a way that ensures you maximize your points!
  • M9
    Not completed

    Issue-Spotting for Exams

    For many law students, spotting issues in law school exams is one of the most difficult things to master. However, it's difficult to succeed on an exam if you don't spot all of the issues. Let Professor Kris Franklin take you through the process step-by-step!
  • M10
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    The "A" in IRAC

    What does it mean to apply the facts to the law? When your professor gives you feedback that says you need "more analysis" what does that mean?

    The A, or Analysis, in IRAC is usually where you can pick up most of your points, and it's typically where most students struggle. Professor MaryAnn Herman will guide you through that process, just in time for your final exams!
  • M11
    Not completed

    Receiving Feedback

    Receiving feedback that is critical can be hard and knowing what to do with the feedback can be even harder. Susannah and Melissa will talk about what to do with negative feedback, and how to turn it into a positive experience!