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  • How Do I Answer A Personal Jurisdiction Question?

    How Do I Answer A Personal Jurisdiction Question?

    In this course, Professor Alan Trammell will teach you a three-step approach to answering a personal jurisdiction question on your Civil Procedure Exam.

  • How Do I Create an Outline?

    How Do I Create an Outline?

    Outlining, or synthesizing your class notes, is the best way to prepare for law school exams. These lessons will walk you through the best way to synthesize what you have been learning in class.<br/><br/><h5>Learning Outcomes</h5>At the end of this module you should be able to: <br/>- Define what a law school outline is <br/>- Demonstrate how to create an outline <br/>- Recognize the importance of an outline as a helpful learning tool in law school

  • Legal Analysis Boot Camp

    Legal Analysis Boot Camp

    Lawyers are problem-solvers which is the reason why much of what you will be learning in law school emphasizes solving problems like a lawyer. Specifically, lawyers use inductive and deductive reasoning to find the answers to legal questions. In this course, you'll be guided through the process of solving a series of legal questions so you can begin to establish this crucial skill before your first day of law school.

  • Law School JumpStart

    Law School JumpStart

    Are terms such as “hypo” and “Socratic dialogue” giving you anxiety about law school? In this course, we’ll alleviate that anxiety via an insider’s look at a typical law school curriculum. Through mock classes and guided case-briefing exercises, along with instruction on time management, exam prep, effective note-taking and more, you’ll understand the culture and methodology of a law school classroom and how to participate confidently in class discussions. You can revisit these lessons as often as needed during the summer, or your first semester. After finishing all lessons in Law School JumpStart, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that you can download and save. If you want to put this course on your resume, you may wish to place it under the heading “Training” and list it as: Law School JumpStart – LawHub (LSAC) 2023: completed pre-law course on preparing for classes, case briefing, note taking, and exam preparation.

  • Admission Unmasked™

    Admission Unmasked™

    Admission Unmasked consists of live Q&A events and asynchronous learning modules organized by topical themes. The learning modules are on-demand. You determine the pace and access the modules in whatever order works best for you. Join our weekly “Ask Us Anything!” live events, from June 26 through July 21, to get answers from a panel of experts to any questions you may have about each week’s theme, or anything else you may be wondering about navigating your law school admission journey.

  • Law School Unmasked™

    Law School Unmasked™

    Welcome to Law School Unmasked, your roadmap to the first semester in law school! The program consists of a series of short, asynchronous learning modules. Our presenters are experts in legal education from across the country and will teach you about critical skills like reading and briefing cases, participating in Socratic dialogue, and logical reasoning for lawyers. You can revisit these lessons as often as needed during your first semester in law school. After finishing all of the lessons in Law School Unmasked, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that you can download and save. If you want to put this course on your resume, you may wish to place it under the heading “Training” and list it as: Law School Unmasked – LawHub (LSAC): completed pre-law course on reading and briefing cases, law school vocabulary, the judicial system, and time management.

  • Becoming an Expert Learner

    Becoming an Expert Learner

    Now that you are in your second semester, it’s time to take a deeper dive into the study skills that will aid you on your law school journey. Becoming an Expert Learner focuses on deeper skills such as self-assessment, dissecting rules, keys to memorization, and how to balance mental health and law school.

  • Modern Law Practice Certification

    Modern Law Practice Certification

    The Modern Law Practice (MLP) program on LawHub is an award-winning upskilling program that is solely focused on teaching the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to operate as a legal professional in the modern business environment. MLP consists of 10+ classroom hours of asynchronous instruction in six discrete topics sought by employers and clients: (1) modern legal services market, (2) data analytics, (3) product and service design, (4) legal technology, (5) process improvement and project management, and (6) business and finance. Upon passing the exams in all six courses, you will earn a certification, which can easily be incorporated on your résumé and social profiles such as LinkedIn.

  • Law School… Need to Know!

    Law School… Need to Know!

    The first semester of law school is often described as "drinking from a firehose." You are learning a new vocabulary; a new way of reading, writing, and thinking; and a new way of taking exams. Law School: What You Really Need to Know! is here to help you navigate that stressful first semester. Comprised of short, asynchronous modules as well as live webinars, the program will teach you how to use your time efficiently and navigate the differences between law school and undergrad. Our expert faculty will discuss best study strategies and tips for everything from case briefing and outlining to how to use practice exams and learn from those practice exams.

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