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How Do I Create an Outline?

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About the course

Outlining, or synthesizing your class notes, is the best way to prepare for law school exams. These lessons will walk you through the best way to synthesize what you have been learning in class.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this module you should be able to:
- Define what a law school outline is
- Demonstrate how to create an outline
- Recognize the importance of an outline as a helpful learning tool in law school


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    Outlining is the best way to prepare for law school exams. These modules will walk you through the process
  • M2
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    What is an Outline?

    You've likely heard that you need to outline in law school, but what exactly is an outline? This module will walk you through the basics of what people say when they mean "outline" as well as why they are such an important study tool.
  • M3
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    What does an Outline look like?

    Now that you know what an outline is, this module will walk you through what an outline should look like. Specifically, the different ways you can set up an outline, as well as what you should include.
  • M4
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    Putting it all Together

    After learning why we outline, and what one should include, Professor Miceli will walk you through how to create one, step by step!
  • M5
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    Other Considerations

    This module will cover other things you should consider once you start outlining.